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Our Political Campaign Tools

Welcome to our one-stop shop for building your political campaign. Here you will find all of the tools necessary to run a winning political campaign. Click on the links below to get started.

Robo Calls

  • Robo calls are automated telephone calls (typically 30 seconds in length) that take your pre-recorded message directly to voters’ phones.
  • Robo calls are the least expensive and most targeted form of voter contact.
  • Here is an example: MP3

Political Survey

  • Polling captures the mood of the electorate.
  • A survey will tell you where you stand in the race, the issues voters care about most, and how to craft your winning message.
  • Here is an example: MP3

Live Phone Banking

  • These calls allow you to communicate your message directly to voters using live operators.
  • You can place live identification calls to identify your supporters; live persuasion calls to your supporters’ undecided/swing and live GOTV calls to ensure your voters come out on Election Day.

Facebook Targeting

  • Get your message out directly to voters affordably via state-of-the-art Facebook advertising.
  • Because you set your own budget, Facebook is the cheapest available form of advertising, and it helps candidates everywhere win elections. What are you waiting for?

Voter Lists & Emails

  • Get a list of your voters with phone numbers and addresses.
  • You can also purchase email addresses so you can reach out to voters directly — and do it cost effectively.

Signs, Mailers & Flyers

  • Get your name and message out through printed materials and into the hands of voters.
  • This includes lawn signs, posters, direct mailers, palm cards, and door hangers.
  • We supply great looking templates, and you simply add your customized text and photos.

Campaign Consulting

  • Purchase professional political campaign consulting on an hourly basis.
  • Campaign consulting services include; field, fundraising, messaging, developing a campaign plan, budget, and voter contact strategy.
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